Financial Planning Q 'n A

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Should I be concerned with US Estate tax?
What should I do with my RRSP at 71? What are my options?
How important is it that I examine my credit report on a regular basis?
I heard that there are creative ways to contribute to charities
I have two children and one cottage, which one child wants. How do I equalize my estate?
I am looking to retire from my business in a few years, is there any planning I can do now?
I am overwhelmed by my personal debts, what are my options?
What are the tax consequences of my severance package?
What are multiple wills?
What are probate fees? Can I avoid them?
Who should I appoint as my executor to my will?
Should I include a trust as part of my Will?
What is a trust?
How do get my children involved in my business without losing control?
Should I contribute to my RRSP or pay down my mortgage?
What is the maximum I can contribute to my RRSP?
I have two young children, are there any options available for saving towards their post secondary education?
Should I take my Canada Pension at 60 instead of waiting until 65?
How much money do I need to retire? Can I retire at 55? How much money should I be saving every month towards my retirement?
Do I need critical illness insurance?
What is critical illness insurance?
What is disability insurance?
Does it matter who I purchase my life insurance from?
What kinds of Life Insurance are there?
How much Life Insurance do I need?
Do I need Life insurance?
How much of a mortgage can I afford?