Why Sage 50?

Reasons Why You Should Use Sage 50 Accounting

The right accounting software gives you more control over your business. At Sage, we focus on addressing your most common and current business challenges, like managing cash flow, streamlining invoicing and billing, and maintaining compliance, with innovative solutions that are easy to implement, use, and understand.

  1. Filing your taxes accurately and on time is the law—Sage 50 lets you do that confidently because it comes with federal and provincial accounting regulations built right in.
  2. You don’t need to be an accounting expert to use Sage 50—that means you can tackle accounting in-house and save the money you would have spent on outsourcing the job.
  3. Sage 50 puts serious invoicing tools at your fingertips—so you can stay on top of exactly which customers owe you what.
  4. Take advantage of volume discounts, have what you need on hand, cut waste on items gathering dust—Sage 50 helps you maximize the efficiency of your inventory system.
  5. A business owner needs to laser in on what’s selling and who’s buying— that’s why Sage 50 can provide reports on your highest profitability items and customer purchases.
  6. Keeping vendors and suppliers happy and maintaining a strong credit rating is part of what your good name is based on— Sage 50 helps make sure your bills are paid on-time.
  7. Loyal employees are your most important asset—Sage 50 and a Sage Business Care or Payroll plan help keep all the details associated with paying them in proper order.
  8. The economy is global—that’s why Sage 50 has the capacity to calculate exchange rates in multiple currencies for cross-border transactions.
  9. Sage 50 is fully bilingual—it only takes a few simple clicks to switch between conducting business in either French and English.
  10. You probably juggle several projects at once and that’s no problem for Sage 50— it can track the progress of time and money spent on multiple projects.