Business Taxation Q 'n A

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Income Tax Planning Opportunity
Do I need a shareholder’s agreement?
How do I finance my business?
I heard that my company can lend me money to buy a house or car, is this true?
How does the Privacy Act affect my business?
Do I have to make corporate income tax installments?
Can I lend my company money?
I took out some money out of the corporation without going through payroll. What are the consequences?
Do I need to register for PST/RST?
Do I need to register for the GST or HST?
Can the corporation pay for my medical insurance premiums?
Can my corporation pay for my golf dues?
What is a business plan?
What are the tax consequences to me selling my business?
I am considering accepting credit cards as payment, how does this work?
What do I need to do if I want to export?
What are the rules concerning statutory holiday pay?
What are the rules concerning vacation pay for employees?
Do I need to register with Workplace Safety Insurance Board?
Do I need to register with Employer Health Tax?
Do I need to register or license my business with the province or federal government?
Should me or my company own/lease my car?
Do I have to put everyone on payroll who works for me or can I pay them as self employed?
Can I or my family collect EI if business does not do well?
Can I hire my spouse or children?
Should I set up a Trust for my children?
Should I take a salary or take a dividend from my business?
I want to start a business, what do I need to do?
Should I incorporate my business?